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Where I Stand written by Aurosonic, Denis Karpinskiy and Louise Browne

Get ready to groove with the ultimate summer anthem! "Aurosonic, Denis Karpinskiy, and Louise Browne" have come together to create a catchy, poppy dance track that will have you moving and grooving all summer long. This upbeat tune is perfect for your summer playlists, Whether you're hosting a backyard barbecue or hitting the dance floor, this song will keep the energy high and the good vibes flowing.

Don't miss out on this summer sensation!

Just Follow Me (Fede Garcia Remix) written by Jjos and Louise Browne, reaches 1.7 million views on You Tube


Film Production

New Song POV coming soon

POV is a track written and recorded for the film
Cookster - The Darkest days coming soon

Follow me.jpg

Just Follow Me

Follow Me is an ambient track that has been written by Louise and Jjos and is available to buy now at Contraseña S.L. Records

Meditating in Nature

Time to Evolve

Its all about growing and evolving as an artist and this is exactly the next path that will be explored in the coming months. More news coming soon but its time to follow the next chapter on this musical journey.

Wedding Band Stage

New EP coming soon (Diverse FX Band)

Louise is also lead singer in the band Diverse FX and they perform a range of styles including originals and cover songs and are available for functions and festivals.

Hand Shadow



We know that in the shadows there is another life, light and dark, the Ying Yang we all experience in our lives. We have to all keep fighting to keep the demons out, so just breathe in and breathe out and try to keep that balance in life.

The track is available now on spotify and amazon music. 


Multi - Platinum producer

"Its always a pleasure working with Louise, she is extremely talented and professional. Her singing and writing style is very unique and catchy and I can't wait to do more work with her in the future". 

Frank Blythe 4th Quarter Records

I have worked with Louise on several projects over the years. Louise is an incredibly talented artist whose crisp clear tones cross the boundaries between club music and more commercial material.
I have been fortunate to have had several chart entries whilst working with Louise which only provides further evidence of the quality of her vocal and her song writing ability. We will no doubt be hooking up again to create more great music 


Gary Curtis No1 UK Country Male Vocalist (CMR Nashville)

"Louise is not only a great talent but she looks great, and she is a joy to have on set as a special guest in my music videos Thanks Louise." 

Jason Cook
Founder and Creative Producer at JC Pictures

"Having worked with Louise on two projects one film and one voice over artist I found Louise friendly helpful and very supportive she has a strong passion to achieve what is required of the projects and she always goes the extra mile to make things happen when others give up. 

Louise is very talented in music and professional in all the work carried out. People like this are rare, I would recommend employing Louise to work on your projects as she is multi talented within the arts and will put her mind to any role given whether technical or practical and she is a pleasure to work with and has a get up and go attitude that shines through. I can't wait to work with Louise again as she is a great team player and can also work well on her own. Thanks Louise for the work you have done with me and for me."

Spencer Hickson
Owner at Tactal Publishing

"Louise Browne is an extremely competent song writer and producer, i was excited to hear her wonderful music and over the moon when she decided to sign with Tactal Hots Music."

Clive Prowse
Volunteer at British Heart Foundation

"Louise is a fantastic singer/songwriter. I have listened to her songs and music and she has an amazing gift. I am currently helping promote her through my music agency and would highly recommend her for any musical projects or for a recording contract. She is currently in discussions with a DJ friend of mine called John Mig (Also a fantastic talent) to do some vocal work for him."

David Drake
OWNER Sykotik Entertainment

"Louise is a great song writer that I am proud to have worked with and can not await to work with again."

Ethan William Chief Editor at CCXNEWS.COM

"Louise is a motivated, forward-thinker and also has a powerful personality with a lovely voice. Her passion and creativity in music is extraordinary. I am honoured to connect with her and looking forward to work with her for a longer period of time."

John Koutselinis Music Composer for Motion Pictures

"Louise is truly Professional, recording artist, with a wonderful voice and brilliant songwriting skills. Very much looking forward to working with Louise on future projects.

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